SAIT student sparks debate with medicinal marijuana use

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CALGARY – A SAIT student is sparking debate, over whether or not she should be able to take her medication at school.

Lisa Kirkman is a journalism student who suffers from severe chronic pain and a blood disorder.

Kirkman manages her pain with the aid of medication, but it’s the kind of medication she uses that has been raising some eyebrows.

Lisa uses a vaporizer to medicate herself with medicinal marijuana.

“Obviously, if I could just pop some Ibuprofen, I would do that,” says Kirkman. “I would prefer to just be able to go to school and not have anyone know that I have any health issues whatsoever… and just carry on.”

Her vaporizer produces an odour, and makes a slight noise – causing it to catch the attention of school officials.

“I have a license,” says Kirkman. “Essentially it’s prescribed a certain amount per day.”

Kirkman says she got…

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Angus Reid Poll: Most Americans and Canadians Are Ready to Legalize Marijuana

Angus Reid Poll: Most Americans and Canadians Are Ready to Legalize Marijuana

(11/29/12) – A majority of people in the United States and Canada believe cannabis should be readily available for those who want to use it, a new two-country Angus Reid Public Opinion poll has found.

In the online survey of representative national samples, a majority of Canadians (57%) and Americans (54%) support the legalization of marijuana.

Most respondents in each Canadian region back the legalization of cannabis, including 64 per cent of Atlantic Canadians and 60 per cent of British Columbians.

In the United States, respondents in the Northeast (61%) have the highest level of support for legalizing marijuana, while those in the South hold the lowest (51%).

In Canada, men (64%) are more likely than women (50%) to call for the legalization of cannabis, while there is no wide gender gap in the United States (55% male, 53% female).

The bulk of support for legal marijuana comes from respondents aged 18-to-34 in the United States (65%) and those aged 35-to-54 in Canada (61%).

The level of support for legalizing other drugs—such as crack cocaine, powder cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and crystal meth—stands at 11 per cent or lower in each country. Still, two thirds of Canadians (68%) and Americans (66%) describe the “war on drugs” as a failure.

Half of respondents (50% in Canada, 49% in the United States) believe cannabis should be legal in their countries, regardless of what other nations do about it. In addition, two thirds of Americans and Canadians (66%) expect marijuana to be legal in their respective country in the next 10 years.

While two thirds of Americans (65%) say the United States has a serious drug abuse problem, fewer Canadians (43%) feel the same way about their country.

Full Report, Detailed Tables and Methodology (PDF)


The Karel Show features SEX POT: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Gettin’ It On… Again!

Tune into the Karel Show today from 11am – 1pm Pacific.

Seems they dig my Bongslut Wisdom, so I’ll be a returning guest in about an hour on Kannabis Korner, to talk about some of the exciting movement in the US antiprohibition scene, cannabinoid therapy in paediatrics and I’m sure, a shwack of other interesting bits n’ pieces.

If you can’t tune in now, it’ll be syndicated across the US, as well as on satellite radio, podcast and of course, the good ol’ Interweb.

A show with such a wide, mainstream audience that I’m not even allowed to run my potty mouth. I can keep it clean… kinda… ;-D

Check out my inaugural guest spot in September…

The Karel Show features SEX POT: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Gettin’ It On.

Assistance, S.V.P.

Why don’t people consider their audience?

I get that we all have issues, but I am the LAST person you want to bitch to when, for example, you have two adults to rely on for resources and support and I only have myself.

Or when you have only yourself to take care of, not another human being 100% reliant on you, as well.

Or you only have one reliant on you, whereas I have more than one.

Or when you have JUST work or JUST school to worry about (or even more so, neither) and I have both.

Or worse, your problem is a direct result of a conscious choice you’ve made, as opposed to many of my most dire situations, which are a result of outside influence.

I honour the fact that you are struggling and I wish you the best and I wish I could wave a magic wand and solve it for us all.

But I am the wrong person to be sharing your struggle with at the moment, because–and I know you’ll hate this–I’ll only listen and be envious of how truly elementary your problems seem compared to mine (IMHO).

Flippantly throwing out, “Well that’s easy! You just need to____________,” without suggesting a how to execute or implement such a solution, or being available yourself to help me execute or implement such a plan, or suggesting something that may be easy for you, but near impossible for me because you didn’t bother to really look at the reality of my situation before you made the suggestion… please don’t do that.

Definitely don’t ask for my advice and then when I give it, complain that because my solution is radically different than yours, I must be calling you an “idiot.” *Your solution,* which hasn’t been working, or you wouldn’t be asking for my advice in the first place.

It’s only idiotic if you belligerently try to defend your idiocy to the person whom you’ve asked to help you identify and do away with said idiocy.

It also adds to my stress exponentially, because now I’m not only worried about my problems, I’m worried about yours as well and am at an even lesser capacity to deal with anything at all.

I get frustrated, because I can see where people go wrong and wish I could just step into their lives and solve their problems for them, so that they’re not feeling so overwhelmed that they might be able to turn around and help me, for a change.

When I say “help,” I don’t necessarily mean solve my issues. More often than not, I’m just looking for some outside perspective; coming at a problem from a different angle helps me big time.

Perhaps it just means you listen and support my process in solving my own problems. Maybe it means you can think of a way to relieve my stress a little, so I’m just that much better equipped to fix shit myself.

Just please: don’t answer my cry for help with your own cry for help and don’t avoid answering altogether, because you *think* you can’t help me.

Journalism Students Beware: Canadian Boot F*king

I can’t stress enough how important it is for anyone considering going into Journalism to take my “tale of woe” into account. 

Journalists are punished by governments all over the world for being journalists; for telling the truth. This isn’t conspiracy theory; my child was held hostage by a foreign government agency in a country we were visiting on vacation, because that government did not like what I write about (use your newly found research skills to Snope my ass if you think I’m talking out of it). 

Know and respect the power of your words. What you write (and take pictures of), no matter how small the audience or how trivial you feel the content is, has an impact. Never take your talent with words and images for granted. Because most of the world can’t effectively communicate like you can, you will be targeted (i.e. killing the messenger) and even resented for it. 99.999% of the time it’ll be subtle and won’t really impact your life. But every once in a while, freaky shit goes down in that 0.0001% of the time. Just be aware that it does and consider it when considering a career in Journalism.

This is the second installment of The Tipping Point podcast I was the guest on:

“Part 2 with celebrated Canadian columnist and author Mamakind! Mamakind tells us the harrowing story about her son’s kidnapping by the US Government, Angela’s visit to Texas and we talk a little post election politics.”

Episode 9 Canadian Boot Fking.

The Tipping Point ~ Episode 8: A Tail Wag and a Face Lick

PODCASTS RULE (especially this one)! Host Angela Bacca is my editor for “Sex Pot,” a fellow SKUNK Magazine contributor and my BFF whom I’ve yet to meet in person. FYI, it’s for a primarily American audience and is produced out of San Francisco.

Episode 8 A Tail Wag and a Face Lick.

We are joined by celebrated Canadian author and columnist MamaKind for a discussion on sex and cannabis, the idiocy that is the fascination with the Petraeus scandal and eels in all of the wrong places…”


I explained last week why I SUPPORT CJSW AND SO SHOULD YOU.

Tune into Funk Senden Thursday Oct 25 at 10pm MST for your final chance at scoring one of two signed copies of SEX POT: THE MARIJUANA LOVER’S GUIDE TO GETTIN’ IT ON. The 2012 CJSW Funding Drive is almost through, so make sure you support the absolute awesomeness that is independent radio right now.


I pledged and got myself and my classmate, Gonzo, into Cadence Weapon’s show at Commonwealth on Monday and it was rad. As I shook my booty and nodded my head to the phat beats, the solution to a reoccurring question posed to me, as a “sexpert,”on a fairly regular basis, hit me:


Next to, ‘Is my penis too small?’ and ‘How do get her to kiss my special places?’ the question I get asked most often is, ‘How do I meet someone who is into the same stuff I’m into and subsequently, have sex with this person?’

One of incentive packages you can get with your pledge includes a year of VIP passes for you and a guest to Commonwealth. That means a full year of not having to worry about losing motivation to go out, because you don’t know where to go. A full year of inviting people out on a dates without having to figure out where you’ll take them, having to pay cover or having to wait in line when it’s -30C.

If you start going to all the good gigs, you’ll meet like-minded folk of the opposite (or same, if that’s your thing) sex who’ll think, ‘Man, that dude is at all the shows. He has great taste in music and drinking establishments. He’s a “regular.” He’s probably killer in the sack. I’m going to find out…’

Once you’ve gotten laid and want to establish this as a regular status, you’ve got to keep things fresh in your newfound relationship. How do you do that? Regular date nights have been suggested by sexperts far and wide as what will keep the fire going and where do you take the love of your life, turning that regular date night into a “sure shot?” To a show at Commonwealth, where she’ll be all like, “Oh baby, this is where we met! You’re so sweet to remember. Here, let me kiss you on your special places…”

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